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Brake issues?

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Joined this fourm to see if anyone else had any ideas to what's happening to my car.


I have a 94 subaru impreza and I have some brake problems.


Had to have a brake line replaced and now there is no pressure in my brakes when the car is on. I changed my from calipers because I have drum brakes in the back and we have tried to bleed the brakes about a dozen times. There is really good pressure in the brakes until the car gets turned on.


Could it be a bad booster, or MC, or some sort of valve issue?


Also, this has been happening since before brake issues but, when I reverse it feels like my parking brake is stuck on; like there is resistance in the gas pedal. It doesn't stop until it feels like it and then there is a HUGE thump coming from the back side of the car. I have no idea what it could be. Thought it could be my struts so we changed them and new top hats and bushings. Haven't really been able to test that out because the brake line was changed as we were changing the struts.



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Are you starting at the right rear, moving to the left rear, then right front and then left front? That is the pattern you need to do to bleed the brakes properly. And make sure that you keep the master cylinder full of fluid, otherwise, if it goes empty, you suck air into the system.


Pumping, open, closed, pumping...repeat.

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What method are you using to bleed the brakes?


Have you greased all the pivot points for the rear brake shoes? Are the shoes adjusted properly?


And to this, we didn't touch any of the drum brake parts. Could that be an issue. I couldn't tell you the last time they were changed.

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