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Decisions...decisions aesthetic input...


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I have an 05 SWP LGT and have been picking up aesthetic pieces here and there and I am looking for opinions on what should go on. Some of these photos may be from members here. I've not kept track of who's car is who's, in fact many were found via Google.


I'm not looking to sell anything at this point so no "dibs" Etc on any of these items. If I sell them there will be a FS thread. I am purely looking for opinions on the direction I am considering.


First I'm considering a vinyl overlay for the roof. This may be CF (I know this pic is of an 08-09. I've not seen this done well on an 05-07.




In combination with this I am thinking I will black out the front bumper in the middle...and maybe more.




I also have SpecB Sideskirts I plan to paint and was thinking if I did the vinyl I would cover the chrome as well...but that might be a bit much. (This is the color they are now)




I was planning to do JDM rear spats as well as a RavSpec deck spoiler (Need paint)






^^i too, have these wheels...I plan on powered coating them Gold for next year (06-07 SpecB) or running some Works I picked up as well (VSXX 18x8 et51)


The one I'm having the most trouble with is the front end...


Stay w/ the 05-07 Front end and paint/swap grill and run the Rrev Front lip I picked up from the most recent GB


...or the 08-09 Front End I've been piecing. I still need fenders bumper beam and foam.




On some level I've thought about selling some of this and going JDM SpecB...the set-up I really want is the K2...but it's a lot of money, super rare and FRP...I'd like a set-up I could run year round.


Any input would be appreciated. Sorry this is so wordy...

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I agree. Wondering if the roof might be too much...on some level that's why I was thinking vinyl so it can be removed.


I definitely like it in combination with the Rrev front lip and blacked out headlights. I liked the blacked out scoop extension and fog covers before I bought mine but I've become less partial...maybe that will change once I start blacking stuff out.

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I had a blacked put rrev hood scoop on mine and i really grew to like it. I liked the prominent contrasting bump that was visible from the drivers seat, and it was done flat black so from a distance the scoop looked huge. I would go with blacked scoop, blacked middle lower bumper and lip, I think that combo would really update the whole front end.. I think the roof would be too much, and I'm not really a fan of spoilers on this car but that's just my opinion.
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I had the lower middle of my bumper painted black. Looks really nice along with my black front lip. Hit a deer though and had to have the bumper replaced just told my body shop guy to leave the lip off. It acts as a plow in winter here in snowy PA. So I need to repaint the bumper black again and install the lip again. I like the spats wish I had the money to get a set.
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