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When buying a used AP


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Okay, been doing a lot of reading. A LOT...


As much as I hate to admit it, MrTris :icon_mrgr, I am going to need one of these.


I loved having the Diablosport on my Magnum and it seems even more necessary with a forced induction car.


What are fair prices for used AP2's and AP3's?


Should I get one over the other?


Are there any issues with them being locked out to a previous vehicle? i.e. if I bought one from someone who stole it? Diablosport devices where bound to the vehicle you used them on.


Thank you,


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As long as you buy an "unmarried" AP, it is able to be flashed to your car. The difference between the AP2 and 3 is the screen size, flash speed and data that is able to be displayed.


I have an APv2 and have found it to be a great upgrade from opensource. The AccessTuner Race software is where you are really spending your money.

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If you have a valid AP serial #, AccessTuner Race is a free download from Cobb (http://www.cobbtuning.com/accesstuner-race-request-s/70716.htm). I got ATR copies for both my AP2 and recently acquired AP3 serial #'s this way.


Aside from the cost of go fast parts and the AP itself, the other $ should be spent on a good protune, unless you can/just want to run the OTS maps.


Seems that used AP2 go for b/n 325-400 depending on condition, used AP3 seem to fetch in the 500-600 range w/ a handful selling in the 450-500 range. I bought my AP3 in mint condition for $450 shipped/PP'd several months ago.


That said, I have an AP2-SUB-002 that I should be selling, just haven't gotten around to making a FS post about it...

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