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Hesitation from stop/ Please Help!

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Ive searched up and down a few different sites for the problem, Ive been trying to solve for the past few weeks. I'd like some input from anyone here that could help :)...


Car - 2005 Legacy GT - 135,000 miles on her (No aftermarket parts)



Over the summer I received the MAF sensor problem so I cleaned with no luck... ended up buying a new sensor. Solved


Recently I have gotten the TGV valve CEL which put the car in LIMP mode... I matched up the part number with the Throttle body sensor on the 2.5i's and replaced the sensor which cleared that code but still had a rough idle...reset ecu and cleaned the brand new MAF just as a precaution. Replaced Air filter as well.


Drove for about 70 miles when i received another CEL P0103 and p0302. Mass or Volume air flow A circuit high input and Cyl 2 misfire. I checked all vacuum lines and found the culprit with the blue T under the TMIC... One line must of blown off at some point. reconnected and ziptied up. Reset ECU...


During the test drive, the car from a stop in first under WOT would take what felt like forever (2 seconds) to build rpms and make forward progress. I have yet to let the ecu fully relearn the cars habits so I'm hoping with some mileage this will go away. The turbo(new vf40 - 8500 miles) When I searched for the Blue T; I noticed that there was not a gasket between the IC and the turbo... Thought this was odd and was wondering if there is supposed to be one here.



Any suggestions for things to look at would be greatly appreciated.

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