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Alright so not really to much of a newb to subaru's or forums in general. On quite a few plus have a strong amount of builds under my belt.


Looking to pick up a 92 leggy 2.2 for a winter beater turned into what is known as "Built by Sean" build.


Basically I can't leave a car untouched and kind of do against the grain things to them with pointless time and money into them.


Last build was a 91 camaro, before that a 98 Impreza RS being built for time attack.


So, when i do pick it up in the next week (from a buddy) i have a general idea on what stupid shit i'd do to it. Already have fender flares and have A LOT of aftermarket brand new parts from my RS laying around.



1. Can i widen the track of the legacy the same as an RS? Meaning STi (GD) subframe, control arms lateral links to get some more track out of the car.


2. Is it a single port or dual port engine that came in the car (for a EJ22T before swap time)


3. Can i easily stuff 17x9's under the car without extensive rubbing on the suspension like my RS (Before i jumped to 18x9.5)


4. Are aftermarket parts such as coilovers, sway bars, subframe connectors ect the same as a RS without needing additions to them IE: Wrx coils need top hats.




That is all for now. Plan on building another 257 from bare bones (block halves) again to swap into it.

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