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Rear Caliper ID

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I've been trying to get 05-09 rear calipers from a business that sells used parts for over a month. I've been sent so many wrong parts that my head is spinning.


I just received the brakes below after contacting the owner directly regarding all of the other bad parts I've gotten with this order.




This is what I was expecting.




IS there any way that I'm mistake and this is for a Legacy GT? It looks like it may be for an 09 NA legacy, I also see where rock auto has what looks like this listed under 09spec.b


I would really appreciate your help here.

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I just wanted to correct myself, they list 2 caliper part numbers for each side in both the vented and solid rear brake diagram. For example on the left side they say 26692AE051, and 26692AG071. It sounds like you're looking for a caliper that looks like 26692AE051. When I saw the two part numbers, i assumed that 26692AG071 had superseded 26692AE051, but now I'm wondering if there are in fact two different calipers.


Based off what I'm seeing at rockauto, it sounds to me like 26692AE051 is the turbo rear left caliper and 26692AG071 is the non turbo rear left caliper. So based off of that, 26692AE041 should be the rear right turbo caliper, and 26692AG061 the non-turbo rear right caliper. Sorry for the misinformation in my last post.

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Bring this this back from the dead. Trying to see which part # is correct for RR caliper for 06 GT spec B:


26692AE0418A (various descriptions say "with ventilated" 3.0 limited without GT)


26692AG062 (similarly "without ventilated" no GT exclusion)


These part matching systems seem to be getting worse: in other sections they all say it fits my car, and list all legacy/outback models as "fits".


Please hAlp :)

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