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Huntingdon PA 2015 Big Awesome Meet.


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This was originally posted on the Mid Atlantic section of NASIOC, but the organizer is opening it to any Subaru owners and asked me to post it here, as well.



The meet will be Held June 20th and 21st starting at the Swigart Auto Museum and ending at Raystown lake


Staying both days isn't a requirement. Most of the meet will be done Saturday. Sunday is just for those who want to stay late and not head back home that night.


Swigart Auto Museum which is basically right near the entrance of the lake. The museum is located right on Rt. 22 (For detailed directions please visit the website of the auto museum. I have been in contact with them and they are willing to host us for free. ($4 to get in the museum)


[ame=http://maps.google.com/maps?q=40.444154667598724,-77.94615268707275&t=h&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=40.443877,-77.946534&spn=0.001094,0.002747&z=19]Here is a map of the location[/ame].


I am going to host the meet at the Swigart Auto Museum on the morning/afternoon of Saturday June 20th. And in the afternoon we will take a cruise to get something to eat and then take a nice cruise down to the lake. (More info on this below). By looking at the Google maps you may think that there isn't enough parking but there is. Swigart staff informed me that we can take up the parking lot and all of the grass in front and if needed we can park on the sides as well. If you wish to camp at the lake on Sunday that is up to you.


Cruise to the lake.


Now, on the afternoon of the 20th we are going to relocate to a spot on the lake that has a pavilion I will try to reserve



Saturday June 20th:


Meet at Swigart Auto Museum (10am is the earliest)


Hangout at the museum until early/mid afternoon.


Around 1pm/2pm ish leave museum and take a cruise to the lake.


Spend the rest of the night at the lake. We can cook out there.


Sunday June 21st:


Spend the day doing whatever.


I will probably be at the lake so you can do as you please.


Hang out, swim, fishing, eating....do whatever.




Lake Information:


1. I am going to try to reserve the Tatman Run Pavilion for the 20th & 21st.

We can fit around 60 cars in that parking lot, plus there is a lower lot as well.

There is 2 grills for cooking, but no power. We can bring our own generator as long as it is not loud. There is water there as well.

2. The cost of camping isn't much per day. ( you can have up to 2 tents and 6 people at 1 spot)

There are showers and restrooms at all camp area. as there are grills and water at

each camp site.

here is a list of camp sites.

BAY CAMP - 155-170 ( does have a speed bump getting in and some tent spots)

RIDGE CAMP - 1-43 ( ok for tents)

SENOIA CAMP - 172-261 ( tens maybe)

MEADOW CAMP - 44-86 ( good for tents)

VALLEY CAMP - 87-111 (good for tents)

POINT CAMP - 112-154 ( ok for tents)


3. No cost to get into the park.

4. You can bring your own grill

5. Pets are allowed as long as they are on a 6 foot chain

6. Address Raystown Lake, 6145 Seven Points Road, Hesston, PA 16647




Reserve a campsite for your next visit by calling (877) 444-6777 or on the web at http://www.recreation.gov




1. All campers, including those with reservations, must have a permit before entering any camp area. Visitors to your site must obtain a Visitor Pass from the Entrance Station.

2, You must occupy your campsite each night. If you cannot, notify the Entrance Station. Your camping equipment is to be set up on your site within 2 hours of registration at the Entrance Station.

3. You must be 18 or older to register for a site. The site holder is responsible for the actions of those at their site.

4. Camping is allowed only on designated sites. Camping permits cannot be transferred to other per sons or units.

5. Each campsite is allowed 10 persons [inclUding visitors) and two camping units, one of which must be a tent [except Meadow Camp).

6. Sites in Meadow Camp [44-59 and 68-86) are 8uddy Sites, A total of 15 persons and two wheeled units are permitted on these sites. Each unit may also have a tent. Only two vehicles may be parked on the site at a time.

7. Remove all of your camping equipment from the campground when you check out.

8. Refunds are available for any paid and unused nights. All refunds will be processed by NRRS and will be refunded in the same form as original payment. Cash payments will be refunded in the form of a check

9, Check-out time is 4:00 p.m. If you plan to extend your stay, you must re-register by 9:00 p.m. the day before your scheduled departure date.

10. Universal access shower and restrooms are avail able in Point and Senoia. Visit the Entrance Station for information.




For the convenience of our campers with boats, but not camped on a lake-front site, an overnight boat moor ing pass may be obtained from the Entrance Station. This will permit you to moor your boat along the shore line in Twin Hollows and in the area north of the Seven Points Launch. The mooring pass must be displayed so that it can be seen from the shoreline. You may not sleep in your boat overnight.




1. Two camper vehicle passes and one visitor pass may be issued to each campsite [two motorcycles = one vehicle]. A maximum of three(3) passes will be issued per site,

2. You are allowed to park only two registered vehicles on your campsite. Auxiliary parking lots are available for additional vehicles.

3. Vehicles that are not issued passes will not be allowed in the campgrounds. These vehicles should be parked in Mushroom parking area, or in one of the day use area parking lots.

4. Do not park vehicles on the grass or along the road way, Boat trailers may be parked on the grass at your





All visitors to the campground must obtain a visitor pass [if one is available) for their vehicle from the Entrance Station. These are valid until 10 p.m. of the date of issue. It is especially important that visitors leaving your site and not returning, drop off their passes at the Entrance Station.




1. Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. Excessive noise that unreasonably disturbs other campers is prohibited at all times.

2. Do not cut standing dead or green trees. You may use wood that is dead and down. Lanterns are not to be hung so as to damage trees or limbs. Nails, axes, etc. are not to be driven into trees.

3. Camp and cook fires must be confined to grills and fireplaces. Do not leave your fire unattended. Put it out completely before leaving the campground.

4. Dogs, cats, and other pets must be kept on a leash [six feet or less), caged or physically restrained. Pets are not allowed in public buildings.

Don't place chains around trees,

Don't leave your pet unattended at your site, in your unit, or vehicle, Loud and continuous barking will not be tolerated.

Clean up after your pet.

5. All fireworks are prohibited. Loaded firearms and other projectile firing devices are not allowed in campgrounds.

6. Keep your site clean and free of trash and litter. Deposit all trash in area dumpsters prior to depar ture, Remove all refuse from your grills before you leave, Liquid wastes such as gray water are to be dis posed of at the dump station. Do not wash dishes or other articles at the water fountains, hydrants, or in the sinks in the restrooms,

and may take up to six weeks to process, Please notify the Entrance Station if you depart early.




1. All rules and regulations also apply to those campers who have obtained their site through the NRRS.

2. Campers with reservations must stop at the Entrance Station to check-in prior to occupying their site, If arrival is after the station is closed, you may occupy your reserved site but must check-in by 10:00 a.m. the next day. Sites that are reserved will be marked the morning of the reservation date.

Campers are not to change the reservation signs.


Extra trash bags are available from the Entrance Station or a Ranger and at the Visitor Center.


I think that covers everything











If you guys have questions please feel free to contact me.



Also if you know for a FACT you are going to attend PM ME.

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I'm probably in pending work scheduling, etc. Been looking for a reason to visit this museum since I found about about it a few years back but the drive has always been too far just to go there.
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