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Engine Mounts causing Clutch Crunchy Feel?


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Hey Guys


I'm new to forums so If there is already a post about this issue could you please pint it out? Thanks


I just recently purchased my second Subaru liberty, first one I had was a nice gold 1991 GX AWD manual. Now I have a 2001 White RX manual.


I've noticed that when I'm driving my 'Panda', the clutch gets a really crunchy feel, it doesn't make any noise, but its a very bumpy feel. It mostly happens when I'm shifting down and sometimes if I just gently rest my foot on the clutch.


My dad reckons that it might be the engine mounts getting a bit old and not allowing proper alignment, so I just wanted to check before I go and replace them and then find it makes no difference, if that is the case.


(I've noticed driving my girlfriends dad's VW Golf that the clutch in that feels the same way, not sure if it related or not)


Any help would be appreciated.


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Crunchy or bumpy feeling tells me the throw out bearing is binding up on the trans input snout. I'm not sure if your car has a hydraulic clutch system, but if so a fluid bleed/swap would be the first place to look. If it's cable-drive, lube everything up well.


If those fail to help, then I would bet it's the TOB.

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