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EJ255 engine cover on an EJ253


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Picked up an engine cover off ebay for cheap from a Forester XT. I did have to pick up the front mounting bracket as the 2.5i does not have one. I purchased both the bracket for a Forester XT and one from a Legacy GT as i didn't know which one would make it fit better.


The one for the Forester XT sits higher and gave the proper clearance I needed where as the Legacy GT bracket sat too low.


I did have to modify the back side of the cover a bit. The lip that came over got in the way of hoses coming off the intake plenum that aren't there on a turbo. and one hole had to be drilled on the bracket to put a bolt through. Very minor mods. I also added to adhesive rubber foam squares on the bottom rear of the cover where it rests on the manifold so as to make sure I didn't get any rattle.


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I picked up the cover off ebay for $30 (so that price is obviously going to be all over. I suggest checking junk yards.)


The bracket was like $20 I think before my employee discount. And the two clips were like $4 a piece before my discount. The clips you could get off ebay for like a dollar though, I just didn't want to wait and I was at the dealer.


I LGT cover will work as well, you just have cut the top part off that surrounds the TMIC. The Forester XT cover didn't have that. Also, I'm not sure, but the LGT cover might work better with the LGT bracket. My suggestion is, if you try this with an LGT cover to buy both brackets as I did and return the one that doesn't work.

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