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Remote Starter Registration Issue


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Just installed a remote starter this weekend in my 2010 2.5i Limited. Took it to the dealer to have it "activated." After waiting for a while, I was handed my keys and the bill and told that my car was parked out back.


When I tried the remote start in the parking lot, it did not start. The dealer was closing so I decided to head home and read the paperwork that came with the install to see if there was something I was doing wrong. Turns out, not.


So what happens when I press the button twice is the lights flash and horn chirps, it does this this 3 times without starting and then the remote light blinks 3 times. According to the card that came with the kit, 3 blinks means it could be number of things. I checked them all and no dice. Any way for it to signal what exactly is wrong? Could it be the fact that my TPMS are not being sensed?


Looks like another trip and few hours at the dealer for me this weekend. Not excited about this.

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The remote start is separate from key. I now have 2 fobs on my keychain :( But now I can get into a warm car when I leave work :)


If that's an issue, you can have one of the aftermarket ones installed that you can start from your smartphone. That would be a good way around having another fob...

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