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fuse on radio 1995 subaru legacy

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Is there a fuse on the back of the stock radio? my stereo is not keeping it's preset stations and time. I have looked in the fuse box and no fuses are out. I am just tired of having to set a station every time I get in or out of the car.
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the installer wired it wrong.

one of the wires in the harness is a ''always hot'' feed.

it is supposed to be connected to the ''memory'' wire on the radio.

obviously the ''memory'' wire is connected to a wire switched by the ignition.


BE REALLY CAREFUL if you go in and correct this.

it is easy to blow the ''iluminator'' relay that feeds the dash lights.

i would get the correct wiring diagrams for the radio and the car harness,

and then disconnect the battery to do the work.

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Ok thanks for the info. I am probably just going to deal with it until i can buy a new head unit. I pulled the radio out this morning just to see if there was a fuse in the back and didn't see one. I did change out my shifter light while i had the center console apart. So at least i got something done today.
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