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Rwd subie

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ok ive gottin a crazy idea in my head. I know that it is possible to make a Subaru RWD. But what exactly is involved? 2005 Legacy GT 5spd. I live in Northern PA so the weather is prime for an AWD vehicle. My question is ... Is there a easy way to make the vehicle RWD then Maybe spend a few hours before winter hits to make it back to AWD? It sounds a little crazy to me and not expecting much but if anyone has a solution that would be great!


Thanks guys :lol::):spin:

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making it RWD involves removing the front axles (except for the inner stubs/joints---gotta leave those in otherwise you'll be spewing 90wt all over the road and your trans kinda needs that) and either welding up the viscous center diff or installing a RWD spool.


I suppose you could swap it back by getting a 2nd set of axles (any that will fit the trans will be fine, even if they're totally blown up) to use the inner joint/stubs, and either a 2nd center diff to weld up or the RWD spool, and swap back in your viscous unit and regular axles when you wanna go back. Would probably take more than 2 hours, tho. Closer to 6 depending on your resources/abilities.


I don't think the beginning of winter in PA is a good time or place to be considering making a RWD Subaru. Just my 2¢

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