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Shop review: Peak Performance in CO Springs


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A friend recommended me there, and service writer Robert seemed like a knowledgeable guy so I decided to go with Peak for my clutch install instead of Revolutions. I left my clutch, a front sway bar, and a bunch of transmission related bushings in a box in my trunk and dropped the car off. When I picked my car up they had inexplicably skipped about half the bushings, even though we had discussed doing them as well as me leaving a note in the car to remind them. Also, the clutch has a sticky engagement.


Fast forward about a week...I'm under my car and what do I seee... a snapped bolt on the subframe brace (which they removed to install the fsb). I showed them this pic and they said I could bring it back again to get it fixed... :D no thanks. The fact that no one from the shop told me this happened is really the shitty part to me. http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/11/20/125a87431557cc6e0871bdb9b5a60aa3.jpg


Heuberger says the replacement bolt I ordered will take about a week to get in, so maybe they just didn't want to call saying they need to keep my car another week? Or maybe they're just that incompetent, there was a loose bolt on the other side too. Either way stay away from these guys, seems like a really half assed shop.

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