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Rhd auto to manual?

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I have a rhd wagon im thinking about converting my auto tranny is going out. I have another auto one to put in im just wondering if going to manual if i have to rd specific stuff or will all the lhd stuff work?


And can i get a list of everything needed to do the full swap. I know theres a list out there somewhere i just want it directly to my phone so i dont have to keep searching everytime.

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Clutch/brake pedal and associated bracketry will be RHD specific. Not much else I can think of. Probably have to go JDM for those as I don't think the postal wagons were ever offered in the USDM in MT.


Off the top of my head:


-trans (duh)

-MT trans crossmember

-clutch/brake pedal assy.


-flywheel & bolts for flywheel (AT flexplate bolts are shorter)

-clutch kit incl. pilot bearing

-driveshaft (if 4wd)

-matching rear diff (if 4wd)

-clutch cable


-shifter boot & console bit it attaches to


some wiring kung-fu.

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