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Whats wrong with my legacy: newbie!

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This is my first subaru whats wrong with it. Heres the list. Ill add more details if needed. Thanks for the help.


I have a 93 rhd auto legacy this just started, wen i drive and i let off the gas to slow down as it down shifts it will feel like it down shifts 10 times, like a studder kinda. But if i shift it manualy in the 1 2 3 spots it wont do it. Also with the reverse it will back up but if i put any load on if (like backing up any kind of slope or try to trn and reverse it will alip so bad its like its in nutural). The check engine light is on idk how to check it. Also my heat ist blowing hot. The two tubes that connect to the heater core get hot ones hotter then the other, at my feet it will blow somewhat warm but everywhere else will blow cold. How do i tell if my heater core is bad? Sorry for the multiple questions

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