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Added a 2003 Legacy to my collection....

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Well back in April I bought a 2K3 legacy L special addition to drive as my 2002 Acura CL type S is not really a fun car to drive in the snow... and it is getting up there in mileage (138K). Picture were taken when I first got the car.


So here it is






a little background on the car...



I bought it for $2990K and it had:

62K on the odo

piston slap

a busted t-belt tensioner

rear view mirror that had leaked (thankfully not out of the mirror)

smelled like a baby's ass (literally as the previous owner had 2 child seats in the car indicated by the wear marks on the rear seat)

nice set of dents in the front left fender

1 stripped stud on each wheel (previous owner installed wrong wheel locks)

new direction Bridgestone Potenzas (those are noisy as can be)


So I decided to drive it until I needed to fix the engine for some other reason at which point I would repair it.. well that time came at 69K when I started seeing leaks from the engine seals


What I did to the car:


Rebuilt engine with updated pistons to correct the slap. this resulted in all new seals and gaskets.

Timing belt.

New rear view mirror.

One new wheel stud on each wheel.

New front brakes (they were near the end and since I am in there might as well).

repaired steering rack

repaired A/C

Got rid of the baby's ass smell by power washing all of the mats several times, spraying the interior with sanitizer (bleach water mix of 3 caps to 1 gallon) and 1 large bottle of Fabreeze

clay bar




Impressions of the car compared to the CL-S


It sucks fuel down like a Japanese guy at a hotdog eating contest. By comparison my Acura CL-S with headers gets noticeably better fuel economy despite having 2 more cylinders, 200lbs more, and 135 MORE hp I get 24 mixed 19 city, near 30 on the highway. The Acura by comparison gets 25 mixed, 21 city, and 31 highway


it drives like a slot car- I like it


Not very quiet inside at HWY speeds


AWD is awesome in the snow- much easier to drive than the Acura


Seats: are comfortable but not as comfortable as the CL-S seats


Does not feel heavy at all when you push it in the corners (unlike the Acura)


Steering: feel is good but just a tad on the light side, feedback is great. Prefer the CL-S steering


Acceleration: S L O W... I am sure my Vino 125 can get to the speed limit faster... the CL-S wins this one hands down... it's just a beast in comparison especially with the headers


Brakes: pedal is not as firm as the Acura, but it sure does stop quick and you don't have to worry about smoking the brakes after a panic stop. (You Acura CL and TL owners know what's up). 2 piston calipers are much better than the single piston Acura ones. I'll take the Subaru's brakes any day of the week.


Stereo: The Subaru's radio wins hands down, noticeably more power than that BOSE crap in the Acura. It could, however, benefit from some better speakers (spring project)


Ergonomics: Sorry Subaru, Acura/Honda have this down to a science for a long time now


A/C: it's a draw

Heat: Acura gets hotter faster


Lighting: The Legacy's exterior lighting cannot hold a candle to the HID lighting that the Acura has. Interior lighting is the same easy to see on both cars so that's a tie.



Oveall I am pleased with the car and even though it cost me over $4K to get it into shape, it was worth it as it should last a very, very, long time

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