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Avoid Autoscience in Carrollton Texas


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Just a heads up to anyone thinking of having any work done here, don't! They will claim to build your engine with forged internals and use stock parts, most likely used. When your engine breaks your warranty will not be honored but the owner Ryan Davis may offer to "make it right" or "take care of you" but he wont. He will give you a figure but as time goes by and he strings you along that figure will rise and he will perform unauthorized work on your car and then threaten you with disabling your car and placing a lien on it. My only advice if these guys have done any work on your car is that when something goes wrong take it somewhere else and see if they did what they said they did, do not return to them so they can mask the evidence. Avoid this place at all costs as there are many better options out there. My only hope is that they will be gone soon so this sort of thing stops happening.
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And, the engine just blew a ring land on the buyer. That's a couple hundred miles on an Autoscience "rebuild" that I was billed almost three grand for. Give it up for Wendall Ryan Davis and the boys at Autoscience! If they know one thing it's how to screw people.


This is guy, avoid anything he is affiliated with and don't believe a word he tells you.



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