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Remote Start in Heavily Modded 98 OBW?

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I have a 98 Legacy Outback Wagon which over the years has had a few ghetto repairs done to it and a few rice modifications as well. The relevant mods at this time is the remote start switch (which disabled the functionality of the key start, but without the key will only turn the starter and not do anything), as well as a fuel switch. Why the fuel switch? Well for some reason after my manual swap the car just decided to die. Figured out the fuel pump WAS bad, replaced with new one, still no fuel. Hooked up a positive on a switch which I mounted in the center console, ran it to the fuel pump, car runs like a dream as long as I don't leave the switch on while the car's off.


(tl;dr, Starter and Fuel systems are bypassed to manual switches, no longer controlled by car)


Is it possible to put a remote start in? I know I will HAVE to fix that fuel wiring and undo that switch, but if the starter being bypassed to a push start button will make it null and void I don't want to mess with it in the snow. Also, anyone know of any good remote start install threads here on LGT? I didn't find much.

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should be fine with the push button start. i'll see if I can post some pics or diagrams for a remote starter install.


That would be sweet! Any reccomendations on a brand? I want cheap but I dont want crap. Been looking and nobody really has an opinion on different ones.

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astrostart (my favorite)




compustar / artic start








I've installed this brands and like them all. they all have the ability to use phone apps for starting as well.


theres other brands out there:


autostart, code-alarm, Clifford, python, automate, avital, valet, polar start, designtech,

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