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Help CEL P2009


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I got a check engine light this morning (again) but this time it was for P2009, which is "P2009 Intake manifold runner control bank 1 circiut low".


I had them (autozone) reset the code and it didn't come back on, on the way home. What things can I look at? The only mod I have on the car is an AVO Panel filter and a grounding kit. That's it, everything else is stock. A couple months ago the dealership replaced a fuel injector due to P303 code. Do you think the work they did might have caused it?? I am graspin here :) I am going to call them tomorrow. If the check engine light comes on again, is this something that can cause damage if I continue to drive the car around? Thanks everyone!

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Why did you let Autozone reset it?


The service notes may come back saying:

Customer says CEL came on. Customers says the code is P2009. ---- No codes exist. Can't reproduce problem. Customer is delusional.


CELs are your ammo.

I keed I keeed
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