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JDM Legacy spec B 6spd manual

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So after a month or so, my car finally arrived from japan. Was so excited so i decided to go and pick it up myself at the port (500km) from home. I previously owned a 2.0L non turbo legacy wagon manual, so am going to quickly mention some of the differences i noticed and also some of the differences i saw from USDM legacies from photos.


1) I did not feel alot of difference (if any) between the sport mode and the intelligence on the SI drive. Sport sharp is a beast.

2) I can now adjust my steering back and forth unlike my previous car which was adjustable just up and down.

3) Fuel consumption in intelligent mode is nearly identical to my previous car.

4) I do not have a jack pin port at the 'pocket' under the arm rest, i think the USDM has one.

5) Although the speedo goes upto 180km/h, doest not mean its limited to 180km/h.

6) Only the drivers seat is electric. Previous car - no electric seats

7) The rear fog light is on the rear bumper on the right hand side. The previous car was on the boot.

8) Trip computer is on the dashboard as opposed to where sat navs are usually placed.

9) Start stop button. Happy with it since i can now charge my phone via cigarette lighter after leaving it on and locking the car manually with a key.

Am sure there are others. Now my steering wheel is really worn out, any ideas of making it more appealing.


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