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getting ready to put the 1999 legacy l on craigslist

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That is hard to say. I haven't had much luck buying or selling cars on CL.

I'm about to start using Ebay.


Looking forward to what other answers you get about CL.


gonna put my 1999 legacy l 2.2 auto on craigslist. any advice on what to do / list or not do / list?
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the simple things,

but amazingly lots of folks don't do them.


wash, empty and vacuum, clean glass inside and out.

it kills me to see for sale pics with all their crap in the car.


fix the little stuff, easy stuff.

light bulbs, wipers, new oil , and top off fluids.

why try and convince some one to buy your car,

try to convince them it is an excellent car, when the oil is low and dirty.


the big stuff is another question.

tires, or brakes can be the reason you are selling,

but they can also lose you the sale, unless the car is priced accordingly,

which can be hard on an older car.

$2500 car reduced for needing tires may go for $2000.

if it goes for 1700, you should have bought tires.

installing used tires is better than selling with bald tires.

that's what the car lots do.


no one wants to buy problems

but if it runs and it is safe, some one will buy it.


i sold my wifes avalon for $2500 w/ 225k miles.

it showed the wear and tear of family use for 160k miles.

and it had a CEL for an o2 sensor.

but the buyer was wanted a good car for his daughter.

i told him,

"this has been a great car for us,

aside from oil , brakes and tires,

the only repairs have been steering rack, struts, wheel bearing and axles."


all used cars need some service when bought.

why are you selling?

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I bought it off craigslist locally a couple years ago. got it for a steal because of the hesitation issue it had. ended up being the computer. planned on keeping it and all. was gonna plastidip it white (its maroon now) and be happy with it as a winter car. then a coworker found a white 1999 legacy gt on craiglists a few hours away. went and test drove it and ended up purchasing it. so just looking to get down to one legacy.

I bought a car on ebay in 2007 and still have it. great experience. haven't had any issues with ebay or craigslist.

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