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97 Gt 5 sp Rear Diff

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I need a rear diff for a 97 GT 5 Sp.
maybe, but if so,

you should not be buying lottery tickets or be driving over the speed limit.

you are one of the unluckiest people using the internet.


the point is they do not fail often.

so unless you drained the oil and metal chunks came out,

you probably do not need a rear diff.


of course ''want'' is a different thing entirely.


the 97 GT 5 speed manual trans has a 4.11 final drive ratio.

this is the same ratio as the lego L auto trans.

also the same as any ej22 auto trans car 95 - 99.

or any ej25 manual trans 96 - 99.


as for limited slip, no VLSD rear diffs were offered in the late 90s in the legos or low end imprezas.

i do not know about the WRX or the SVX.


however the VLSD was standard in the 01-04 outback, (maybe GT)

so any manual trans outback of that era will match your final drive ratio. (00 the vlsd was optional)

you may have to swap the connection point for the drive shaft,

but the unit will bolt in and work.


so really,

what makes you think you need a rear diff?

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It is really noisy back there but I am going to look into the driveshaft too. The axles are really rusty going into the diff and it is fairly rusty too. I finally got this thing to run smooth after rebuilding the engine with the help of the adjustable idlers. Engine and trans sounds great, rear area sounds terrible. I'm also thinking about pulling the axles and see what it sounds like then.
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rear area sounds terrible.


it is probably a wheel bearing.

have some one ride in the back and listen for the noise.

which side is louder?


rear noise problems,

in order from least common to more common:

rear diff


drive shaft

wheel bearings

exhaust heat shields (not usually heard as ''rear noise'')


good luck.

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