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Your pull starts around 3400 rpm but the learned corrections are being applied b/n 4k and 5.5k rpm, some of which are multicount (ie: ECU heard knock, pulled -1.4 deg, still heard knock, pulled another -1.4 deg, still heard knock, pulled another -1.4 deg, etc).


Do a brief idle log including AF Learning #1A, B, C, D, to see what your long term fuel trims look like. If none of the trims are pegged max (15 I believe) and otherwise look decent (+/- 5% preferred, +/- 10% still sort of OK but IMO not so OK), you might be able to rule out a leak that's causing you to run lean. IIRC the Cobb OTS maps allow the D trim to also be applied to open loop/WOT so you don't want to see the D trim too negative (lean).


If you feel like experimenting, reset the ECU, use the AP to pull -3 to -5 deg global timing, warm up the car fully, drive it around for a while to let the fuel trims settle in again (the higher trims can take more than a day depending on your driving style/conditions), then repeat the 3k+ rpm pull/s, and see if you still see the knock show up in the logs. If the previously seen knock situation doesn't clear up much/at all after pulling -3 to -5 deg global timing, it could be a mechanical cause (loose heat shield, drivetrain noise etc).

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