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Bad Wolfs official meh thread

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Hi, it seems im rebuilding again, so here is my progress so far:


The engine has been pulled, and mostly disassembled

The heads come off today, probably, and will be sent to Rams cylinder head shop in St. Louis (good guys, i have a decent relationship with them)


Next, im trying to figure out the best parts to go with. I think the pistons are fine, i just want to freshen up the block with new bearings and seals and such. Any ideas? Pics to follow

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I have always used OEM seals and gaskets. They lasted a long time to begin with. Why not get them again?


ACL Race Bearings are what I have always used on my engine builds. No issues yet.

I have used NPR piston rings on all my builds as well with no issues (people have had issues before)


EJ22 or EJ25?

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Yeah I would go with what I listed above. Good parts and keeps the cost low.


I have rebuilt probably a dozen engines with that combination. Being stock rebuilds, or high compression engines.


Only exception is the 2.35 stroker which has forged internals and all that, but it is still using ACL bearings just using the piston rings that came with the pistons (wiesco).

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