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Motor swap options for my DD 98 LGT

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Hey folks, my 98 LGT auto is all stock and my DD. It's my first subi and I love it!! It's a blast as a DD and yet roomy and comfortable ( I am mid forties) to drive anywhere. It's got 160xxx on the clock but in decent shape. My son has an 04 WRX that is very modded and insane. So here is what I am thinking, I can have some of his cast off parts TMIC, TD04 turbo, injectors, up pipe, ect. I know my motor is not a good candidate to turbo. But I also can not afford a Wrx 2.0 or STI or newer LGT 2.5 turbo. So is a 2.5 SOHC out of a later forester, Impreza , ect a good candidate ?? Can I get Pistons to drop the compression to turbo friendly on those non turbo motors? Will it play nice with my ECU and can I get my ECU tuned to handle it? I am an auto tech for 30 years so know what's involved. Just new to the subaru world. What I am looking for is a fun boosted LGT that is comparable to say a lightly modded WRX with an auto. Not going racing or anything just a fun DD with a little more zip and some wow factor when the hood is popped. All while keeping this on a blue collar budget. Lol. Thanks for your time !!



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