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2015 Legacy Rims


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Hello, I just ordered a new 2015 Legacy. The wheels are 17x7, 5x114 bolt pattern, and 55 offset. Tires are 225/55/17. I would like to add rims off of a 2015 WRX. They are 17x8, 5x114 bolt pattern, and 55 offset.

My question is will the 225/55/17 fit and will the 17x8 fit (no interference with suspension or shocks)? Thanks.

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You're probably going to have to do this research yourself since so few people have experience with the 2015 Legacy. Here's a head start:




The tires should fit on those wheels just fine. The wheels will probably fit, but no one can be 100% sure without test-fitting them on a 2015.

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^^What he said. Tires will be fine on those wheels. As long as you think you can go 1/2" (or 13mm) closer to both the struts and the wheel wells, you should be fine. See the calculation per the link that Ellesedil provided.

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