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select interior lighting not working


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Hey folks


I've been on here (and numerous other sites) trying to find a solution to my interior lighting problem. Hopefully I don't make an ass out of myself by posting the same question as others with slightly different search terms...


I've got a 2011 legacy 2.5i and I've done a total of 0 upgrades to it since I picked it up about 6 months ago. My issue is that my dome, vanity/sun visor, and map lights all do not work.


HVAC works, clock works, stereo works, heated seats, power mirrors, etc. It seems like when others have a dome light out, they are also losing a mixture of those items above. I'm hoping there's a fuse I haven't found that is the source of this, because well, who wouldn't want a 30 second fix? The door sensors work (indicated on the dash for all doors). The dome light does not work when any doors are open. In fact, it doesn't work at all (On or Door settings). I've replaced the 10A "backup" and Illumination fuses in the engine fuse box, though I'm guessing the illumination is different set of lighting. Both were fine regardless. My only symptom (that I'm aware of) are the specific lights listed above.


Hopefully I'm missing something obvious? Thanks in advance.

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Alright, I finally had to time to poke around. Unfortunately, I didn't see/feel any loose wiring, connectors, etc. That said, I can't say I know exactly where I was looking for for the specific ground connection. All wasn't lost I suppose as I did change out the cabin air filter while I was in there.


Any chance you know the specific location I need to check for this ground? Images attached of what I'm looking at...








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It's connector I-157 and then down to connector I-100 - they are both multi-pole connectors (I-157 is a 16 pin connector and I-100 is a 12 pin connector. I-157 is for the roof cord - it's a black lead going to pin 4 on that connector. I-100 is a joint connector so it will have all grounds on it, I think. I think I-100 on should be ok or you would have more issues, so it could be in the roof cord or in the cord from I-157 to I-100 - look for a loose or damaged/discolored terminal on either connector, or look for damage to the harness (where it's been pinched or cut)) If everything is ok from I157 to I100, then it could be in the roof cord, so you'll want to look at I-157 up to the systems on the roof (harder access, I think... there are some obvious pinch points, so look there first)


Electrical troubleshooting can be a pain. You can also check for continuity between the lights and ground or the ground point on the harness (pin 4 on I157) as well)


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