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Pre Delivery Check List


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I did a search and couldn't find much on this topic. I apologize if I missed a thread on this.


I am leasing my car through a National Leasing company. This leasing company has told me that Subaru has a ETA on my car of 9/5/05 + or - 5 days, so I should be receiving my car here in the next couple of days. The issue is that that when you purchase a car through a leasing company this way they use your local dealer as a "middle man" for a lack of a better term. Because the dealer didn't get the sale, we have had issues with the dealer being pretty crappy with the delivery of our cars.


Anyway, I want to be prepared when I pick my car up on what to look for. I have read some posts about checking the "Pre Delivery Check list." Where would I find this list and what am I looking for on the list? Is there anything else I should check?


I am just worried they are going to just take the plastic off the car check it in real quick and not do their normal procedures.


:) Thanks in advance for you help.:)


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Bah, I keep forgetting to break out the pre-delivery list on my car. My dealer left it in the glove compartment (nice :) ) Once I find it I'll repeat what it lists.


Bring an air pressure gauge ;)

I hear many stories of customers driving off with their cars only to realize later that one or more tires were grossly underinflated, etc...

-=- Livin life at 140 BPM -=-

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