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How do you remove the Skirt/Skidplate

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I posted this before but I think I was missunderstood


I'm not sure if it's called a skirt or skidplate but basically its the entire belly pan underneath the car. I was wondering how do you guys remove those screws that aren't the phillips but something that kind of looks like a cross with the center filled in?


I am thinking of going underneath the car and check some nuts/bolts as I have the popping issue thats related to a loose tranny mount or something similar.

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Oh. You mean the Pop-its.


Just pull the center section out of the cross area (usually a flat tool like a screwdriver wedged under there will do the trick) then they just pull straight out. It might not be "easy" but keep in mind they're intended to hold stuff on the car. After you get one off, you'll understand.

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