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New-to-me '09. Have some upgrade questions.

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Recently was offered an awesome, couldn't turn down, deal on a like new 2009 Legacy 2.5i Special Edition.


I would like to add a couple OEM parts that were not offered on the SE but were on the Limited/GT.


1. Fog lights - From what I am finding, wiring is there. Just have to swap turn/light switch, and add relay (and lights/bezzles of course). Is this correct?


2. Radio controls on steering wheel - I have read that the wiring is in the steering wheel on the 2009, just have to source and add the buttons. Is this correct?


3. CD Changer - is there an OEM CD changer? I know that the Limited and other trims came with the in-dash changer along with the auto climate, but I'm also aware that trying to change of to that unit is a SERIOUS undertaking. I would be happy just adding an underseat CD Changer if they made one. Anyone have any info on this or can tell me that I'm wrong about swapping the stereo units? It would be awesome if I could just swap in a Limited/GT head unit.


That's it I think ... thanks in advance guys!

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In other 2008-up models that have a blank panel where the audio SWCs go, the car is pre-wired all the way from the steering column to the radio (harness "i85" in your car). I'm fairly sure that is the case in your 2009.


A few years back, several people with the same OEM HU (including "BryanS") tried swapping in the audio SWCs (includes cruise buttons), and found the single-CD HU did not recognize the SWCs.


The SWCs would work with an aftermarket HU (most HUs would also need a steering wheel interface module). I offer a harness that will connect to your car's i85 harness, so you could avoid splicing into the factory wires.


At one point, an external CD changer was offered in some other countries. But I don't think one was ever offered in North America (for Legacy/Outback models built in the USA).


You're better off switching to an aftermarket HU. Fairly easy to do in cars like yours with manual A/C controls.

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