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Winter Tires: Anyone going Sailun tires this year?


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Wondering if anyone else is thinking of going Sailun winter tires this season?


I'm about to pull the trigger on a set of Sailun tires for my 2.5i Legacy. Seems to be quiet a bit of positive around the net for these. Mostly doing commute driving, but my neigbourhood seems to never get plowed.


Looking at a set of 205/60/16 on a 16x6.5 steel wheel. My Legacy is the premium model with OEM 17" but I don't think I have the larger brakes that the GTs have. Looks like plenty of clearance for a -1 size. Like the narrower tires in winter for better plowing thru slush. Less riding up on top. I realize they are low end tires. Not looking for top line performance or ride noise. Other vehicle is a Tucson so... ya.


Can't seem to beat the price at PCM online.

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Can't say that I am looking for winter tires at this point.......BUT I went with Triangle Snow Lions a while back and got slagged viciously for using "Chinese" tires.....so far I have used them for 3 years on 3 different Legacy's....2006 LGT sedan....2012 Legacy 2.5i Ltd....2013 Legacy 3.6R.............tires work great in snow, slush and rain..........quiet on dry roads. Mine are 225/50/17 on OEM Subaru mags.

My Butt dyno says...same traction as the Nokian WR G2's and Michelin X Ice2's I used before....but quieter and about 60% cheaper to buy...........A friend has used them on his Volvo full time for 4 years and they are still in great shape.

There will be folks who just hate the idea of Chinese automotive stuff..but I am old enough to remember when everyone hated Japanese cars too :(

Go for it and write up a report for us all.

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