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trade in loss??

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so has anyone traded in their car with low compression or even in basic modified state?


what kind of loss did you take with it being in that condition?


thinking about going back to carmax tomorrow, went last sunday without the car, and see if gf likes anything i found, and see what carmax might offer me in current form.


weighing options.long story short. might have to walk away and move on as a spur choice, time and such not on my side currently etc.



-coilovers, roll center and bump steer kit, swaybars, endlinks, rear avo swayvbar brace(installed at 40-45k)

-turbo inlet pipe, spt intake(installed at 130k?)

-up pipe and down pipe(installed at 95k)


have all stock parts, but lacking time to return to stock. also noticing how me using someone elses vehicle is a bummer and frustration for them bc they are used to having two vehicles and not 1, and what not. dont think they realized the impact when they agreed. and my buddy is too busy compared to his agreement to help me return to stock.


so to stay on point/topic....anyone trade in while modified or have experience or knowledge how much an impact that all is on trade in.


06 lgt, manual, 145k, sedan, limited, rbp with tan

steady mis/dead cyl. cyl2. low compression.


if im low balled on trade in or thats the most likely case then i guess ill just yank engine and do leak down throughout and start investing money into it. but alas my only vehicle, cant work on car at work nor home, and need a vehicle to do my daily commute and running. i have thought of cheap under $1k car or such but alas that money could be used for other vehicle maintenance or this engine issue.

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