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Mirror & Rear Defroster Not Working

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I know there are various threads here involving heated mirrors & rear defrosters not working, however none of them have a definitive end point.


I recently (on 9/5) purchased an 07 DGM LGT. In the past couple days the temp has dipped (I'm in MO btw) and it has been damp.


I press the button for the rear defrost (which as I understand it should also fire the heated mirrors as well), I can hear the relay click, and the climate control indicator turns on. However, the glass is still cool to the touch after being initiated for 30+ minutes.


So I have a few questions:

Do the mirror indicators light up when powered (amber in color I would guess)?

Is the system common ground between the rear and side mirrors?

I have tinted windows, I realize it is possible someone pulled a connector when doing it (by the previous owner), could this be the cause of all the frustration I am experiencing?


I would like to actually close out this thread with the resolution to my issue. Rather than pointing me to the SubaruTech site for the WD, I would appreciate any input from others with experience first.



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Wow, I realize I am a noob here, but expected at least one helpful reply.


I pulled the pillar covers in the rear and found that when they installed the tint they managed to break the resistor pack that mounts to the rear window. Anyone have a part number for that part?

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For conclusion, I purchased some conductive wire glue from Radioshack:

Link Removed


Which allowed me to re-attach the tab to the resistor pack. The glue was pretty messy even after kneading it like the comments said. I had to tape the wire in place and allow to dry for 24 hours. I fired it up this morning after 36 hours, and all was well with the rear defrost. The mirrors are working, and as far as I can tell were never not working.

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