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transmission swap

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i recently got a 5mt transmission from a friend who had it laying around in his backyard. the transmission is from a 93 but i dont know what model. ive looked all around the forum but cant seem to find the answer to my question.


will this transmission work on my 97 legacy gt and if i would need a new differential for my car?

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the 97 GT 5 speed has a 4.11 final drive ratio.


turbo or non turbo?

the 93 legacy ? 5 speed non-turbo has a 4.11 ratio.

the 93 legacy ? 5 speed turbo has a 3.9 ratio.


check here for the ratios:

Final Drive Ratio 90 - 94


if you search for the trans ID#, the one printed on the bell housing at the starter,

if you can locate that number on the Subaru parts catalog web site,


and then look for the ring and pinion parts for the same car,

it will list the ratio.


but i assume there were many more non-turbos sold.

but it would be nice to double check before you install.


1990-1994 FWD non-turbo AT & MT Legacy

3.70 Final Drive Ratio


1990-1991 AWD non-turbo AT & MT Legacy

4.111 Final Drive Ratio


1992-1994 AWD non-turbo AT Legacy

3.90 Final Drive Ratio


1992-1994 AWD non-turbo MT Legacy

4.111 Final Drive Ratio


1991-1994 AWD turbo AT & MT Legacy

3.90 Final Drive Ratio


NOTE: The 1991 MY Turbo Legacy was the ONLY year that got the rear VLSD differential. All other years for the turbo legacy received the open rear differential






1990 Legacy (AWD, 6MT, & EJ22T Swap)

1997 Impreza OBS

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i have an automatic transmission in my 97 im not sure if that changes the final drive ratio.
the ratio of the 97 lego GT auto trans is 4.44.

so it is not a match.

no manual trans is going to match the rear diff in your car.


but before you go and hunt down a 4.11 ratio rear diff,

consider this:

you are going to need a lot of parts besides just the trans, (and diff).

the best approach to this swap is to buy a complete manual trans car that has been wrecked.

best choice is a manual trans 96 - 99 GT, outback or forester, in that order.

use the parts you need and then scrap the rest.

this way you are guaranteed to have ALL the parts you need.


i needed an trans for a 95 lego sedan AT and bought a wrecked 96 auto wagon for $600.

used the trans,

used the engine in a different car,

scrapped the shell.


2 cars back on the road for $600 in parts .

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