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My New L GT!!!!!

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Whats up everyone,:D Well after finding a black 5 spd sedan on lot 5 minutes from my house I went and pulled the trigger on Monday. First thanks to everyone that posts here because the info available on this site helped me out tremendously.

I love the car I picked it up with 16 miles on it and its already up to 176. Haven;t checked the build date yet but I haven't noticed the shuttering prob. that others have had. Also when I drove off from the dealer they must not have checked the tires because after getting to the top of a canyon to take pics I noticed my left front tire was very low (See pics) I checked and it was only at 15.5 psi. I went to a gas station and pumped it up and it hasn't lost any air since. A little sloppy on the dealers part not catching that.

THe car doesnt have the short throw option and I want to do something about that soon. The throws are just too long. What aftermartet STS's are best? if anyone has experience here that would be great. Would having the dealer install the factory STS be a good idea?

Tint and Debadging will happen tommorow, as far as mods not sure what im going to do yet but since Cobb is based in SLC where I live it will be tempting.

The pics are too big I'll post them tommorow when I figure out how to shrink them.

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Congrats and welcome! Very good choice on black ;)


As for STS, there's quite a few options:


Factory Suby STi STS

Cobb STS

Kartboy STS

Perrin STS (adaptor)


The factory Suby is decent from the reports I've heard. It's just overpriced (and the most expensive of all of mentioned). HOWEVER, buying that and having the dealer install it, you won't have to worry about any warranty issues that may pop up if you had instead installed "aftermarket" STS versions...


The Cobb is nice because you can adjust the shifter height.


Kartboy... well it's a Kartboy. It should work nicely. Not adjustable however.


Perrin. That's a unique one. It actually doesn't replace your shifter. It's actually an adaptor that you install into your shifter. Depending on how high/low you set it, you can adjust the throw reduction. However, from reports, because it's an adapter the throw length seems to be different depending on what gears you're rowing into (ie some gears are farther/closer to neutral than others). It's also the cheapest - you can find one for about $70 - and since it's only an adapter it tends to be the easiest for a DIYer to install.


Many have also installed shifter bushings (Kartboy/Cobb) for additional snick-snick throw action.


Do a search for those brand names and you should find plenty of informative threads :D


Enjoy that new ride!

-=- Livin life at 140 BPM -=-

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Those pics were taken at the top of emigration canyon just outside salt lake city. It's a fun drive and I know it like the back of my hand since I lived up there a couple years ago.


I also ordered the kartboy short shift lever and bushings. Should be here by monday. ;)

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