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Worn Turbo Inlet cause misfire code??

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2006 Outback XT


Got a cylinder 4 misfire code, car was intermittently idling rough but other than that running good. The spark plugs were replaced within the last several months few thousand miles. No issues since until recently.

Took both coil packs off of drivers side, checked with voltmeter, they measured the same. Started the car after resetting the check engine code, car is still idling very rough to the point of stalling. The engine light did not come back on. From an idle, when hitting the gas i could hear a 'pshh' noise that sounded like it was coming from under the inter cooler. After checking the vacuum lines the only hose that looked like it could have issues is the Turbo inlet , which is in rough shape with oil leaking slighty around it. Upon removal, the worm clamp was noticeably loose, the hose is out of round where it mounts to the turbo and seems to be slightly deteriorating but no tears or rips. I'm going to replace and see if that fixes it, but could this cause the issues i was experiencing?


Thank you

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