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Has any one pulled the resonator off the q300?


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After saving I went from stock up and down pipe with resonator and muffler delete to sti up, invidia catted down and q300 cat back. The sound is very nice, a very mature sound. But not even close to the volume I was expecting. Even the g/f doesn't like how quite it is. I pulled the mufflers just to see and haha it was way to much. Everything rattled I couldn't even hear myself think.


I wasn't sure how much if any sound is kept from the resonater in the system and if it's even worth losing it for sound. I would sell I but I had to hack and reweld it to fit so I doubt I'd get enough money for a swap.


But to my question above and if any one else could chime in to wake up the exhaust? I don't wanna go catless again too much hasle with emssions.


I was even thinking of cutting a large top section of the muffler off a welding it over to Basiclly cut the mufflers muffling in half.

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