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p0600, p0700, p1718, Random airbag, tc light on. "s" Blinking etc

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I have recently rebuilt the engine to my 08 LGT. Everything is completely stocked other than the internals of the engine, engine compression was raised to 8.5:1, and forged pistons and rods where used. everything else was stock. After the first drive I received the check engine light solid TC light and blinking Cruise control, and airbag light( airbag light cam on few hours before the engine blew) The car drives just fine no transmission slips. I cleared the codes and drove with no problems other than the airbag light randomly being on, for 600 plus miles. This morning I warmed up the car backed it out of my garage, shut the engine down. waited a minute then checked the oil. After restarting the car, the check engine light, abs light, traction control light, airbag, at oil temp, and possible a few others were solid, cruise, and the "S" in s drive where blinking. the Temp gauge was pegged at hot. I then turned of the car waited a second and started it up again. this time temp gauge was normal and only lights I had were the cel, tc, and blinking cruise and of course the airbag. I checked the temp with my scan tool found the temp to be 180 degree, Cleared the codes and drove with no problems for 40 miles other than having the airbag light on. I have been searching the forums and haven't been able to find anything like what im find other than regarding just the p0700 and the p1718 codes. but no answers to the problems. Please any help would be appreciated.
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