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HID install 2011 legacy 2.5i

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Jack up the car, remove the wheel well liners


Remove the dust caps, and old bulbs


Drill a 7/8 hole into the dust cap(you may need to notch it to clear the plug to the ballast.


Install the new bulbs and dust cover. This may take some time so be patient.


Find a place for your ballasts



Run the power relay under the trim in front of radiator. I used zip ties to hold them at the four holes where clips didnt go.


I mounted the relay in front of the battery


Run all your grounds and plug up the ballasts to the relay. You will leave the passenger side unplugged and use the wire from the relay


If all went well yours will work




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You might want to relocate the relays so they are facing vertically. I attached mine behind the washer fluid spout and used a screw, nut, and washer to hold it there.



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That's good to hear. I'm actually still in the middle of installing mine but I did a retrofit. My projector lenses got condensation on them while in the oven so I have to reopen them with a heat gun and clean it.


I've seen it on the car though and it looks excellent. Have you noticed any flicker during warm up? One of my bulbs does that.


Also, what did you do for your ground point on the passenger side. They way I mounted my ballasts I needed to make a new point on the chassis like so :




Figured it would be a nice solid ground.

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Here's a close up. Drilled a small hole and used a sheet metal screw to hold it. Scraped off the paint with a Phillips head :). Will be putting anti corrosion spray stuff on it before I close up. It's that stuff you get with battery clean up kits.

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New lens seem like so much trouble that I avoided it. For the ground point I used the hole behind the power steering reservoir. Just scratched paint off behind then used touch up paint where I needed paint back. I had issues with flickering at first because the passenger side connection wasn't tight enough so I gapped the plug a bit and electrical taped it up. Which fixed that. Only other issue I had was when weather was below freezing it would make a humming noise til the ballasts fully warmed up.
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can you list all the contents you had to get for this kit?


i was going to go with..



HID Kit, lights and ballast



Warning/anti-flicker ballasts


Also, i assume you disabled the DRL?

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