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2005 LGT questions


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hey guys,


Not very familiar with Subaru (this will be my first)

Going to be checking out an 05 LGT this weekend to buy, was wondering what exactly I should be looking for. I ran an auto check and everything came back fine. It was just sold at auction so the person im buying it from doesn't really have any previous knowledge of what was done to the car.


So I guess my question is if I do buy the car what maintenance should I do immediately?


Any advice would help.


Also if anyone is in the South DC or Northern VA area that would like to come with me; I would be more than happy to buy lunch/dinner.



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Just look like you would any other used car. Unusual noise, rough idle, rust, heaters/ac work etc


Rear Wheel bearings only thing to watch for, but you shouldn't turn it down all because of that if everything else is fine. Easy repair


Maintenance, just like you would any used car you buy. Oil, Coolant, Brake, Diff, Air filter etc

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