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Trip computer problem. Any help greatly appreciated


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I have a 2005 legacy wagon in Australia. I recently bought it second hand. When i got it, the trip computer was having the same problems as everyone else, so i decided to get a new one. I bought the new one from Japanparts.com.


My original trip computer showed l/100km. The new one shows km/l. Firstly can i change this back to how it was on the original one? I read that you can't change between l and mpg, but i don't know if this is different.


Second, the text "avg. km/l" is always flashing when it is displayed, the same as the text in distance to empty and current fuel economy.


Third, i don't think the figures for fuel economy are correct. It says my average is 4.9km/l which is 20l per 100km. I definitely don't drive the car like that. But distance to empty seems to be correct.


I can take a video if that would help.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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