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Looking for a drop in short ram intake for 2013 Legacy


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For almost all modern engines which use a torque demand based mapping system (as in, the computer uses accel pedal position to determine driver requested torque, then uses requested torque to set a throttle plate angle) a high flow filter won't really do much w/o a tune. The stock map is only calibrated to expect a certain level of air flow. Adding a higher flowing filter just means the car will be seeing high air flow at a lower accel pedal position, which could do strange things to how the engine runs as the ECU doesn't expect it. The top end of flow is still map limited (unless our maps extrapolate beyond the cal tables - still unreliable).


Just search this site for plenty of testimony as to why drop-in after market intakes don't work well w/o a tune. Besides, the stock intake is already a cold air intake and is good to well above 300 HP.

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