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Restaurant Workers Will Hate You If You Order These Items


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1. The "secret menu" at Starbucks.

2. Chipotle quesarito.

3. McDonald's Mighty Wings.

4. Gargantuan "with extra everything" at Jimmy John's.

5. Chicken Littles at KFC.

6. A bread bowl of broccoli cheddar soup at Panera Bread.

7. Late-night pizzas.

7. Ridiculously modified food.

8. Loaded-up Subway subs.

9. McGangbangs at McDonald's.

10. P'zolo at Pizza Hut.



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what a bunch of whiny ass employees in that list.


the only response that made even a bit of sense was the barista (i ******* hate that word) that says order the specific ingredients, or its up to the maker to decide what you really get.


the others are all just whiny babies that hate their jobs, and the people they serve food to.

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I worked at a D'Angelos in NH when I was in HS. 32 different subs, over 300 combinations.


8 out of 10 people ordered a steak bomb. By the end of my first month I had no feeling in my fingertips and no finger prints. I had flipped and scraped and cleaned the grill so much I burnt them all off.


To this day I will not order a steak and cheese at a restaurant just because I know it takes forever to make.

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i started working restaurants at age 14, i didnt have finger prints again until i was in my late twenties. its all part of cooking in that environment, IMO. i still will order those hard to make dishes, i cant recall any dish that made me not want to be a cook. there were long prep dishes for sure, but that was just part of the job, it didnt bother me to make it over and over, i got paid to do it, and i took pride in doing it well.


i still love to cook, and i always prefer the satisfaction of making a difficult meal that we enjoy over tossing a few things on bread and calling it done.

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How can it possibly be that a hundred something people have looked at this and nobody has mentioned that perhaps this isn't really something that belongs in the "General Funny" section?


Well, I don't want to stand out. Well done, Nils. Almost choked on my quesarito.


Not sure about two #7s on this list, though...

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