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stiffening and slightly lowering my 97 gt (does my plan make sense?)


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So I just picked up a 97 gt sedan. I want a bit sportier ride but not incredibly low as I live in Maine and our roads aren't that forgiving.


So I already have a brand new set of 98 outback struts. I also have a 18mm rear sway bar from an outback to replace the 16mm gt one. Now I know the outback struts will lift the car an inch or so. But if I threw on a set of H&R Springs it would drop it back down to near stock hight. And if I used B&G springs it would actually be a little lower then stock by maybe an inch or so. So in the end I'd maintain a near stock suspension geometry but have a stiffer/sportier setup. Another advantage would be the higher spring perches of the outback struts would give some more room for, say, some 17x7 sti wheels.


What do you guys think?

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