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More reliable center diff?


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My 06 LGT Stage 2 is making the characteristic whining noise from the rear of the transmission. From what I'm reading, this means the bearing is failing and/or the center diff is going bad.


I keep hearing from people that troubleshooting the center diff is easy to do and doesn't require getting into the casing - can someone explain what the process is?


I'm considering getting the bearings replaced (I hear they're around $150 for the set in the back)... and maybe the diff itself while in there (given the many failures I'm reading aout here. Is there an alternative replacement that would be more reliable than the stocker? Any suggestions on where I can get a good price on the replacement (I was going to start with the vendors here, of course).

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That assumes that's all that's wrong, doesn't it? I see people saying that checking the diff is easy... how is this done? I want to be sure it's good before going in there, and then finding it's bad (and spending dealer-prices to get a replacement!)
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