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Wheel rim cracked, Need Identification

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Hey ya'll.


I was casually looking my subster over this morning and noticed a huge crack in the rim- I am very lucky the tire hasn't popped yet. Needless to say, I started to look for a replacement in my area only to find hardly anyone carries wheels. I am going to a junkyard tomorrow to look for one, and wanted some advice.


Are the rims used on the 2nd generation subaru's fairly the same? I tried finding rims online only to find a large list of various rims specs I am completely unaware of, such as:



14x5-1/2 (alloy), 18-slot

14x5-1/2 (alloy), 7-spoke


The tire itself reads: P185 70R14, which as far as I can tell only tells me it's a 14" rim. Would taking a rim off of any 2nd gen subaru be fitting to my own, given it's a 14 inch rim? Never had to deal with this before.



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any 14 inch rim should work, I haven't had any problems running a different rim on one wheel for a year.


I was able to get some 16" steels from the tire shop for cheap, ask your local shops if they have any used rims. You can go up to a 17" on stock suspension I believe. iirc the factory tire size is 205/55/14.


Late 96? outback? models came with 15" wheels.


How to read tire sizes:

P- passenger car tire (as opposed to LT (light truck) etc)

185- width in mm

70- aspect ratio (basically how "tall" the tires are from the edge of the wheel to the outer edge of the tire)

R- radial type

14- wheel size


our bolt pattern is 5x100, except for 2006? and up where they switched to 5x114.5 or something weird

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cracked wheel? time for an upgrade!


hehe or not, just measure the width and find any 14" by the same width you like. shouldnt be too hard to find, hell the area i live in (little mexico) has wheel/ tire shops every block or so.

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