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upgrading brakes options


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trying to gather info on a relatively cheap but decent brake setup and what are some of the options out there?


i am driving an 05 obxt with complete stock braking. where do i go from here...............options for upgrade?


stock lgt setup? better or same

stock spec b setup? better im sure but priced too high for what it is?

stock setup with upgraded rotors/pads, or maybe even one of the above options with the same.


should the master/booster be upgraded for better biasing? im sure this will depend on what route is taken.


i have seen a few z32 caliper setups. rotors as well? does anyone have a link to install on one of these setups?


i do plan on adding a M/C brace, SS lines, and good fluid obviously to whatever setup as well to make it all as solid and positive in the feedback department as possible.


i am not looking to make a racecar or anything, i cant promise that i wont autocross it or anything but in my short time with this car i have already noticed once or twice getting deep into the corners (backroad spirited fun) that this will be an issue. i dont want to spend a ton of money to get fairly decent results.


what say you?

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Good question and I can't answer too many of your questions since I'm kind of a brake newb, but I have had great luck with slotted stoptech front rotors and stoptech pads. They increased initial bite, and feel really solid . They also eliminated the shimmy since my old rotors were causing a bit of brake vibration
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i also did some digging at the other site:rolleyes: and found info on the nissan swaps.





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Specifically, what problem are you trying to solve by making brake changes? Brake fade? Pedal effort? squishy feel? looks?


If you want low cost performance gain - I suggest changing to more aggressive brake pads. They are often the most overlooked, yet vitally important part of the brake system. I've run Hawk HPS, HP+, stock pads, and cheapo autozone pads. I now run the HP+ since they significantly reduce pedal effort and have a higher temperature range. They are also noisy and have significant dust so they are not for everyone. The HPS offers a compromise on performance and noise/dust. The autozone pads were the only set I had fade issues with under Autox use.


I've also run slotted rotors on the front and did not notice any significant performance difference from plain rotors under DD and autox conditions. I've since switched back to plain to stay legal in the stock scca class.


A proper brake system bleed will help with squishy pedal.

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Unless you guys are planning on tracking the car, a good set of pads and rotors will work wonders to give you a more fade resistant setup.


As said above, a brake flush every 2-3 years will be a great way to help as well.


Centric Premiums combined with Stoptech Performance pads or Hawk HPS or Hawk HP+ will be good stuff.


-Mike Paisan



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Indeed, looks be damned I just want best bang for the buck brake setup. If they are cool as well then so be it. Im very aware that a full race brake setup does not make for good dd use and vice versa. I would def be looking for a bit more solidity to the pedal feel and increased stopping power/confidence. Like I said I will almost certainly be canyon carving, autox, and if im feeling frisky maybe even an hpde or 2.
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The stock brake pads, by FAR, are the weakest/crappiest part of our braking system. Hitachi brake pads for stock... really? They're awfully quiet though... so quiet in fact that you can actually hear you shit your pants when you can't stop the car because of how quickly they fade.


Replace the pads with something more aggressive and call it a day. And if the rotors are aged, replace them with cheapo blank rotors.

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+1 best advice around.


I've tried them all, and still use centric blanks with Hawk HPS. Works for nearly everything including some light track duty (you call it HPDE).


If you are fading driving back roads, swap out your pads. If you are still fading, take an HPDE and tell the instructor you want to learn how to brake properly.

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