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2005 lgt


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Ive been on this forum lurking for about a year and I still havent bought a Legacy yet. I think I've found the one I want but I have a question. Ok so the car is basically a stage 2 with a custom Accessport tune. When I took it for a test drive the Wb just flashes 7.4 during boost but the afr on the Accessport maintains a steady 11.1 through boost. The owner says that the WB has always done that and that he believes it to be a wiring issue(He purchased the car as it is now minus the tune). I'm new to subaru. I've always been a DSM/Evo guy and relied on a WB and various ecu tuning. Can I trust the accessport afr? If so then the WB sensor has to be bad? They are pretty straight-forward to install so I cant see it being a "wiring" issue. If you need any more info the car is for sale on here and I will PM the link. Thank you.
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