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Bl5 JDM tailights for Sedan came in..Pictures


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Whatsup guys. I decided to make this thread because when I was doing research I found it very hard to come accross pictures and information on these. Basically I ordered a set in the dark chrome. They also come in chrome. The main difference between these and the USDM is the lighting pattern. These have turn signal/reverse split in middle, top section is parking lights, and bottom is brake light. Some taillights even come with the rear fog light option that lights up in the bottom section. Well onto the pics. I will update the thread with night shots and even a video if i get a chance.


Hard to tell during the day but you can notice in the middle picture with the side by side comparison, JDM taillight had parking light lit up on top red section and USDM has bottom section lit.




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Completely plug and play. Only wiring that needs to be done is if you want to run the rear fog light, but that's optional. Otherwise all basic functions just plug right in.
That's awesome! Thanks!
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LOL@that plate again


I thought JDM lights parking/brake is top section, and bottom is basically for fogs only.


There are a few different tails I guess depending on the country, some maybe from Europe. If I'm not mistaken the chrome set follows the pattern you speak of. I'm not a fan of that style because when you have the rear fog on, it looks more like you have the opposite side bulb blown. That's just my opinion.

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