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5EAT Transmission Rebuild


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Hey guys,


I'm an owner of a '06 LGT 5EAT. After consulting with a couple different shops here in the Denver/Boulder area, it looks like I need a transmission rebuild (significant metal shavings found in transmission filter and fluid).


I'm considering the IPT 5EAT Performance Rebuild Kit. I wanted to see if you all had any luck with this kit, and if there are any other recommendations or comments. Would it be a good idea to get the HexMods F1 VB at the same time? Anything specific I should tell my mechanic when assembling the kit? Is it a better idea to have the complete performance transmission upgrade?


Mainly just looking for any feedback or ideas as I work through this process. Thanks for the help!



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take out your VB and mail it to Dave.

find a used low mile tranny on car-part.com- make sure '06

swap VB and email Dave, he might buy it off you as a core.

I donated to LegacyGT.com which allows me to have this nifty signature. :p



If anything SCASEYS posts ever becomes a sticky i'm gonna light this whole place on fire :lol:
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